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The Practice Growth Series™ provides law firm owners with strategies, processes, techniques, and guidance directly from the Atticus coaching curriculum.

If you’re committed to increasing income, decreasing stress, and taking better care of your clients, then this annual, 12-episode webinar series is for you.  You’ll find the information timely, relevant, and supportive of a growth foundation in your practice.

If you need to kick start your referral marketing, take control of your time or improve your firm's profitability, then plan to attend these private webinars led by some of the best thought leaders in the legal industry.

  Working with Atticus has been a transformative process on every level.  

- Attorney Adam Loewy, Loewy Law Firm

  Absolutely, without question, the best investment I have ever made. 

- Attorney Michele Fuller, Michigan Law Center

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12pm Eastern
2nd Thursday of the Month

2019 Episode Schedule

These high-value webinars reinforce what Atticus clients are already learning in our quarterly group-coaching programs (Practice Growth Program™ and Dominate Your Market™). They also explore innovations in the legal marketplace and management strategies developed by Atticus Certified Practice Advisors. The topic of each episode was chosen to maximize growth in your firm. However, industry-related news or trends can sometimes prompt a need for a change of subject. Subscribers will be notified in pre-webinar reminder messages.

“Never, ever, ever, EVER stop marketing” are words that you hear over and over again here at Atticus. Now is the time to work on your marketing plans for the year and we’re going to give you that kick start you need to make this your best year ever. Ronald Morton, an elder law attorney and an extraordinary marketer, will be joined by Denise Gamez. Ronnie and Denise will discuss their top nine killer marketing ideas that have been the most impactful. It is a great marketing kickoff for the year.

At our Summit this year John Morgan, in his keynote address, stressed the importance of having an All Star support staff. Your receptionist is the voice of your business, your clerical and bookkeeping staff a reflection of your attention to detail and your associates the face of your practice. Every one of them is critical to your growth and long-term success. Join us to learn how to hire the best and keep them.

Teresa Byrd Morgan, an estate and elder law attorney, brings you her top tips and techniques to ensure your practice is running smoothly, profitably and stress free. You will hear at least 10 things you can do to make your practice better immediately. Don’t miss this critical resource. Learn how to turn your practice into the one you’ve always dreamed of having.

It’s a difficult world for law firms these days. Client demands, increased competition, and the distractions of technology can put pressure on any business. Law firms who try to respond with “traditional” ways of firm management are perhaps more susceptible than any other business to falling victim to the chaos. Join us with Rocket Matters’ Larry Port, as we discuss his new book, The Lean Law Firm, and the methods and techniques he’s culled from some of the world’s most efficient manufacturing companies and how they can be put to use in your practice.

The only way to maintain a healthy growing practice is to generate a profit. Join us this month as Cary Moss, an estate planning and elder law attorney, shows you how to build a successful, profitable practice without spending your evenings, weekends and holidays working in the office.

Learn how some attorneys can take the same work day and produce twice as much without the stress. Increase your revenue, improve your customer service, client retention and referrals, grow your practice profitably and still get home in time for dinner. Hear it from someone who has been there and done that and knows you can do it too.

When a potential client searches for your name, your firm, or your practice area on Google, what will they see? Do you have dozens of glowing 5-star client reviews or a handful of 1-star reviews? Does your website have a clear description of your firm and modern design, or is it stuck in 1998? Do you even show up as a potential option in searches when prospects are looking for your type of law firm? In this session, Shawn Leamon, Chief Strategist at LaGrande Marketing, will be teaching the critical building blocks to make a great online first impression.

The key to increased profitability, reduced stress and improved client satisfaction is gaining control of your time. Many of us waste more time in the office than we spend productively without considering there is an alternative. There are simple steps to take that can dramatically improve your productivity and give you the freedom to get all the work done and still get home on time. John us as Kimberly Lee, an estate planning attorney, provides tips and techniques for managing interruptions.

Add thousands of dollars to the bottom line by learning how to use credit cards efficiently in your practice. Join us this month as we discuss how to dramatically reduce the cost of collections and credit card fees with a leading expert in the field, Jeff Shavitz of Lexcharge. Their payment processing solutions are some of the best in the industry. Learn what’s best for your firm and how to implement their software solutions.

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Ed Alexander has a strong history of helping prepare law firms for sale. Join us this month as he elaborates on what you need to do, and what to avoid doing, when you are preparing to sell your firm. How far in advance to plan, how to structure the sale and how to market a solo firm are just a few of the key points he’ll discuss.

The key to success in the coming year is closing out the current year in a way that gives you a significant head start to your objectives. It's easier than it sounds. With only a few simple steps you can wrap up 2019 powerfully while providing a great start for 2020.

SESSION LEADERS: Expertise in Time Management for Lawyers, Legal Marketing and Client Development, Law Firm Hiring and Training, and Practice Management and Profitability.

PANELISTS: Atticus alumni (law firm owners who've 'been there and done that') and thought leaders in Legal Technology, Human Resources, Business Valuation, and Life-Work Balance.

If you're not enrolled in an Atticus quarterly group program or working 1-on-1 with an Atticus Practice Advisor as your coach, you can still subscribe to this 12-hour series for $995. Submit your contact info below, and we will contact you to begin your subscription.

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