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The Practice Growth Series

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Invest 1 hour a month to fuel your law firm's future

The Practice Growth Series™ provides law firm owners with strategies, processes, techniques, and guidance directly from the Atticus coaching curriculum.

If you’re committed to increasing income, decreasing stress, and taking better care of your clients, then this annual, 12-episode webinar series is for you.  You’ll find the information timely, relevant, and supportive of a growth foundation in your practice.

If you need to kick start your referral marketing, take control of your time or improve your firm's profitability, then plan to attend these private webinars led by some of the best thought leaders in the legal industry.

  Working with Atticus has been a transformative process on every level.  

- Attorney Adam Loewy, Loewy Law Firm

  Absolutely, without question, the best investment I have ever made. 

- Attorney Michele Fuller, Michigan Law Center

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12pm Eastern
2nd Thursday of the Month

2018 Episode Schedule

These high-value webinars reinforce what Atticus clients are already learning in our quarterly group-coaching programs (Practice Growth Program™ and Dominate Your Market™). They also explore innovations in the legal marketplace and management strategies developed by Atticus Certified Practice Advisors. The topic of each episode was chosen to maximize growth in your firm. However, industry-related news or trends can sometimes prompt a need for a change of subject. Subscribers will be notified in pre-webinar reminder messages.

Make 2018 your best year ever. This session will cover innovative ideas, tips and techniques to jumpstart your marketing efforts and get a head start on 2017. Make this your first step toward a new and better practice this year.

We'll discuss how you can add valuable hours to your work week, without taking time away from your life. It's simpler than it sounds. We'll show you how to implement a simple process change that pays huge dividends without disrupting any part of your operation.

What I learned in the Dominate Your Market Program that changed my practice and my life. Attorneys who are participating in the program share how their lives have changed.

How do you measure success at your firm? Join us to learn a few key elements that you should be tracking to know whether or not you're heading for financial security or a dead end.

A key element to a successful practice is a dedicated, productive staff. Learn a few simple steps to train, manage and motivate your staff and turn them in to fully engaged and committed members of your team.

Can you describe what you do in a compelling manner in less than 30 seconds that will lead to questions about how you accomplish it? Can you do it without mentioning you're an attorney? Will the description lead to a new client relationship? If not, you need to join us for this month's webinar!

Where are you on the path to success? Every business needs an over-riding strategy to determine its success. Otherwise, you're just wandering in the dark hoping success will find you. Join us to learn three simple strategies to ensure you're on the right path.

Do you live to work or work to live? Your practice should support you, not the other way around. There are simple techniques you can implement that will ensure that not only is your practice successful, but that you have the time to enjoy your success.

How much exclusivity have you built into your practice? If you don't think you can be discerning in your choice of clients, this is a "must see" webinar. Learn the simple steps to working less and earning more.

Managing your staff has always been a challenge but the millennials have significantly raised the bar for difficulty, and yet, they can be one of your best assets. Learn how they differ from other employees, how best to utilize their skills and gain their commitment to the firm's success.

The holidays are best described as hectic by the vast majority of business owners. Whether it's making time for year-end planning, marketing, tax strategies, holiday celebrations, client needs or family, November and December present a major challenge. Join us to learn some simple techniques for gaining control of your time that will serve you dividends not only throughout the holidays but the coming year as well.

The key to success in the coming year is closing out the current year in a way that gives you a significant head start to your objectives. It's easier than it sounds. With only a few simple steps you can wrap up 2018 powerfully while providing a great start for 2019.

SESSION LEADERS: Expertise in Time Management for Lawyers, Legal Marketing and Client Development, Law Firm Hiring and Training, and Practice Management and Profitability.

PANELISTS: Atticus alumni (law firm owners who've 'been there and done that') and thought leaders in Legal Technology, Human Resources, Business Valuation, and Life-Work Balance.

If you're not enrolled in an Atticus quarterly group program or working 1-on-1 with an Atticus Practice Advisor as your coach, you can still subscribe to this 12-hour series for $995. Submit your contact info below, and we will contact you to begin your subscription.

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