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Atticus Workshop Series designed to help you grow a great practice and live a more balanced life.

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The Solo and Small Firm EssentialsTM

It's one thing to be a great lawyer, but it is quite another to run a successful small or solo practice. The key business skills to operate a thriving law firm aren’t taught in law school.

The business skills to run your practice were never taught in law school. So, we have created a series of course workshops to give solo and small firm attorneys a fighting chance to grow the practice they envision, without sacrificing health or family.

These 3-hour CLE courses are designed around the Four Cornerstones of Practice GrowthTM. Some of the basic concepts taught by Atticus through their nationwide programs are pulled to help you, as a small firm attorney, grow a great practice and live a more balanced life.

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Solo and Small Firm Workshops

Time Management Essentials

Solo & Small Firm's Guide to Everyday Time Management Problems

Topics Explored:

Practical strategies for managing stress, eliminating interruptions, and getting home on time.

Do you own your practice or does it own you? Do you spend more time at the office than with your family?

This workshop is a step-by-step guide to getting your practice focused and your life in balance. You will learn solid techniques to reduce stress and increase productivity, manage unwanted interruptions, delegate tasks effectively, and recover 15% to 25% of your billable time. You will learn how to use your support staff more effectively and accomplish more with the time you have.

Client Development Essentials

How Good Attorneys Become Great Marketers

Topics Explored:

Capturing the power of your best referral sources: a guide to speaking about your business in social settings.

Do you wish your marketing produced steady revenue? Do you wonder if you are investing your time in worthwhile marketing activities? Are you tempted to take any case that walks through your door?

This workshop is essential for learning how to attract profitable clients to your practice. You will learn how to capture the power of your best referral sources, and how to increase the business they send your way. In addition, this highly interactive program will teach you how to speak about your practice in business and social settings, so that you: build your business, educate your market, and expand your referral base.

This practical tips and techniques seminar will get you focused on building lifelong relationships with clients and influencers. Lastly, you will exchange marketing ideas with your colleagues and create a simple, effective action plan to increase your revenue.

The Essentials of Building a Great Support Team

Building a Championship (Profitable) Law Staff

Topics Explored:

Basic "nuts and bolts" strategies for eliminating staffing headaches and finding and retaining great talent.

Is your team underperforming? Has a bad hire made you hesitant to grow your firm? Do you need to hire someone, but you’re not sure where to start?

This workshop explores basic "nuts and bolts" strategies for eliminating staffing headaches and finding and retaining great talent. Learn to sort out the candidates that are unqualified to work for you and how to keep them away. Create job descriptions that motivate. You will complete a staff hiring diagnostic to find any holes in your system and learn secrets of successful sole practitioners from around the country.

This seminar also includes sample forms, policies, and procedures.

The Essentials of Law Firm Profitability & Cash Flow

Practical Solutions to Everyday Cash Flow Problems

Topics Explored:

Handling collections, systems for increasing cash flow, building a financial "dashboard", the A,B,C & D's of profitability and a profitability guide.

Is your practice delivering the financial rewards that it should? Are you in control of your cash flow?

This workshop is filled with secrets from successful practitioners for creating a zero tolerance around collections, building a client centered collections system, providing simple systems for increasing cash flow, building a financial "dashboard" that helps guide your business, understanding the A,B,C & D's of profitability, and includes a profitability guide for your files.

You will also learn how to leverage your legal assistants for greater profitability.

The Essentials of Strategic Planning

Solo & Small Firm's Guide to Setting Strategic Direction

Topics Explored:

Developing a compass from which to make important decisions, and setting a clear direction on key issues affecting your future.

As a small and solo firm you will struggle with questions about the future development and direction of the firm. Quite naturally you will be confronted by questions that are unique to solo and small firm lawyers.

This workshop is designed to teach you how to think about these key issues, develop a firm compass from which to make important decisions, and leave with clear direction on key issues affecting your future. You will leave the workshop with greater clarity and confidence about your practice.

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